Confessions of a Minari Builder
Sequence of events detailing my own downfall!
Or …‘and I liked it’.
By Dave Smith.

Early 1996: Went to the Chatham show, saw Quantum and I liked it.
8th April 1996 (ish): Went to Quantum for a test drive and I liked it.
Later in April 1996: On way back from taking my wife, Eileen, to Heathrow, I went into NG for an unannounced look and test drive, cor! bloody cold, no side windows. I was given an old "ASCM" leaflet, with picture of a Minari and I liked it. Was this love at first sight?
11th May 1996: By motorbike to Minari (now that was cold) for the first and only test drive and I liked it.
16th July 1996: Sent off a cheque for the build manual.
17th August 1996: Eileen and I went up to Minari to place the order and pay the first deposit. Whilst there went and saw the (eventual) donor car they had found for me.
21st September 1996: Collected the donor car.
29th October 1996: Donor had been stripped. Placed an advert in Auto Trader magazine for the bits I didn’t want from the donor. I hope I don't need the rest as it is on it's way to the scrap yard!
7th November 1996: Second deposit cheque sent off.
23rd November 1996: Collected the body kit from Minari.
27th December 1996: Rear axle rebuilt.
23rd February 1997: Engine cleaned, new clutch plate and slave cylinder fitted. Engine in car.
28th February 1997: Brakes all in place and with fluid, though not bled.
15th March 1997: Started the fight with the heater controls.
20th April 1997: The engine runs! I can now ‘Drive’ it in and out of the garage.
30th May 1997: Went to, and placed an order with Corbeau for the seats.
21st June 1997: Started on the dash and steering column.
25th June 1997: Third of the quotes to paint the car arrived.
29th July 1997: Took car up to Chameleon Cars Ltd. to be painted and I liked it.
30th July 1997: Wheels and tyres ordered and painting of spoke covers arranged.
13th August 1997: Collected the ordered wheels and tyres.
19th August 1997: Collected painted car from Chameleon and I liked it.
End September 1997: Seats, (most) carpets, seat belts, dash, steering column etc all in.
15th October 1997: Sent off the registration forms.
26th October 1997: Washer bottle in and headlights adjusted.
27th October 1997: MOT, and he liked it.
28th October 1997: Registration, and he liked it.
3rd February 2000: 'New' 1.7 8 valve engine now in car. And I like it even more!
Boys with their toys!
Fortunately there is always something to 'play' with on the car.
Since the car has been on the road we (the car and I) have travelled more than 24,000 miles.
We have visited, amongst other locations:
South of France and Le Mans (three times), Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Pisa (Italy)
and in a northerly direction, Edinburgh (3 times).
And I still like it LOTS.